Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Been away for awhile but I'm finally back

I will have some real catching up to do. It has been a very busy summer and fall. Our mother began to fail so we spent as much time with her as we were able to. She passed to eternal peace and happiness on October 16th. Since then we have been busy closing her estate and getting all the paperwork out to the court; which we finished today!

I will begin posting things that have been done and photos taken slowly so that I can catch up and you can too.

The most recent is the fun the poodles and Brandy had in the snow a few days ago.

They had a wonderful time running around chasing the snowmobile, fighting over who was going to ride...LOL, and looking everywhere for Mickey when he drove out of their sight!

Tag, your it! Looking for dad.

Loving the run!

Billy on watch

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