Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not What I Expected

Well, I was scheduled to go to Bennington this morning to work on my business plan with a representative from the Micro Business Organization. I got a call first thing this morning apologizing because she need to postpone the appointment because she is in the process of moving her office. Oh, well. More time to work on all those questions.

Off to other chores...

It started pretty cool here this morning but by noon had warmed up nicely. I took all of the dogs out with me and we played for a while then I got down to another job that was sorely in need of doing. Gardening!! Yay!

Since I was mired in Final Portfolio at Hallmark at this time last year, I never had a chance to clean up all my perennial gardens and trim back the bushes. Then I went straight to looking at how to proceed after school. Needless to say, the overgrowth a debris has been an eyesore.

I cleaned and the dogs slept....HEY! What's wrong with this picture!? LOL I had to move them from shading themselves under the trailer every time I had to move. Taffy got to ride on the tractor with mommy because I am so paranoid after loosing our other baby puppy. She LOVED it!

I'm pretty proud that I got all the hay and horse droppings picked up from the winter when the little buggers got out and helped themselves to the hay on the trailer. Then I got two of my gardens trimmed back, raked, and weeded. Yahoo!! WAIT! What am I getting excited about? I'm going to be doing this until fall now....hmmmm.

And talk about the little black plague (that's gnats for those of you who are not native to here). They can find any orifice in a human body and fly right in. Gotta love that nasty little thing walking down the tunnel to your eardrum just out of reach of your big, fat finger. Or how about opening your mouth to speak and it flies right down your throat and then you go to coughing fits and get all kinds of embarrassed. And then there's the 'in your eye' ones. Yep, fly right in there (glasses are no protection) and get smooshed up and you can't get it out and you can't see either. I really don't like gnat season.

All-in-all it was a fine day. The dogs are sleeping in the cool house, I am relaxing with my blog, and the horses are happily eating in the paddock. Life is good!

Looking forward to this again!

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