Friday, May 1, 2009

A Day Out With The Dogs

It was going to be a nice day so they said. (who are 'they' anyway?) Well, Dianne and I had already left home to pick up a couple of things and then take the dogs for an outing. So when it clouded up and threatened rain, we sucked it up and kept on going.

Fortunately, as we got everyone out of the car, the sprinkles stopped and we took a nice, leisurely walk half way around Bog Pond on Florida/Savoy Mt. The dogs were in their glory and Dianne and I had a lot of fun taking shots of them. There was chase games, and a little water play, and big discoveries such as Canada Geese, nice muddy spots that a large moose had walked through and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed running through.

Did I ever tell you how long it takes to groom one standard poodle? Pfffft! So we have a full day of cleaning our dogs up and grooming them back out again.

Dianne with Taffy:

Billy fell in! LOL

Dianne doing tricks with Amazing Grace


What's that crazy noise I hear?

Oh, oh! A very angry Canada Goose!

OMG! Taffy, whatever happened to you? LOL

Saw this on our way and had to stop to get some pics.

After our hike we took the dogs (and us too, of course) to Burger King for some much needed nourishment and drink. The dogs just love chicken tenders. Then it was time for all our fur balls to pass out in the back seat.

And, yes, a good time was had by all...

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