Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fishing, Scenery, Poodles

Yes! We finally went fishing last Friday. We took all of the poodles so they could have playtime and then settled everyone while Dianne and I fished. We went to the State Park off Rt. 9 toward Bennington, VT. The dogs must have thought they died and went to Heaven! LOL

the sun began to set the black flies were profuse but the lighting was pretty. We rolled up our pant legs and walked out up to our knees and cast into the sky and forest reflecting into the water. Dianne caught seven brookies and I caught five. We split them evenly for a couple of meals each and, boy, were they delicious!!

My little Taffy decided that fish is GOOD! She was eating the heads and innards as each was caught and cleaned. Then Dianne threatened me about her vomiting it all up on the way home. Darn, never thought about that... She was so excited about fish that when Dianne let one go that was smaller than she wanted to keep, Taffy jumped right into the pond and caught it! LOL It was a little too strong for her to hang on to it and managed to get back out to water.

Well, Taffy didn't get sick on the way home but I sure was sorry the next morning when I opened the door to the garage and could smell the results from the door. Needles to say, her crate had to be completely cleaned. She didn't get sick but she did have diarrhea and you can bet I won't be doing that again.

Mommy, I'm sorry.

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