Thursday, May 21, 2009

Practicing my grooming skills

Dianne leaves her poodles with me most Wednesdays to give our dogs a play date to run around our fields together having a good time. Yesterday, poor little jester, her toy poodle, looked like he got rolled around the swamp by our standard poodles. He needed a clipping too so I brought him in the house and did a full grooming on him. It gave me a chance to practice my skills and it sure mad him look pretty!

Yep, that's my tortoiseshell kitty, Isis, laying behind Jester. She just jumped off the table onto the grooming table and decided to take her nap there. She is a really funny little girl!

Jester is in the lion cut and needs to grow a bit more coat before he can be groomed the way it should look.

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